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Creating a Parenting Plan for Your Children After Separation or Divorce

Overview of Course

This workshop is suitable for parents, lawyers and mental health practitioners who work with separating and divorcing families.

Participants will learn about the broad range of issues that may be addressed in a parenting plan, which is a written document that describes the roles and responsibilities that will be assumed by parents as they raise their children. 

The workshop will focus on the types of parenting plans that may be negotiated, including:

  • temporary parenting plans

  • partial parenting plans

  • transitional / reviewable parenting plans

  • final parenting plans

Participants will learn how to identify the level of detail that may be required in the various components of a parenting plan, depending on how soon after separation the parenting plan is negotiated, each child’s age, stage of development and special needs, the level of conflict between parents and how effectively parents are able to communicate.