Intimate Partner Violence:
How to Present Your Client’s Case in Court and Arbitration Proceedings When There Has Been Intimate Partner Violence

Overview of Course

This 5 hour workshop is designed primarily for lawyers, however, it may also be of interest to mental health professionals who work with separated or divorced parents, mediators, arbitrators and parenting coordinators. The content of the workshop relates directly to how family violence should be reflected in parenting arrangements and what legal remedies may be required for a family when there has been or is ongoing family violence. The workshop hours are eligible for CPD substantive credits and the substantive screening for domestic violence, abuse and power imbalance education hours that the Ministry of the Attorney General requires arbitrators in Ontario to undertake in each 2-year period.

Participants will learn about:

  • the amendments to the Divorce Act relating to family violence

  • the typologies of intimate partner violence

  • screening clients for intimate partner violence

  • safety planning

  • choosing appropriate and enforceable legal remedies

  • drafting pleadings

  • preparing your client for questioning

  • leading persuasive evidence from your client during oral hearings

  • responding to allegations of intimate partner violence

  • representing clients who face allegations of intimate partner violence

  • enforcing arbitration awards and court orders

Course Information

Kathryn d'Artois, LL.B., C.S. (Family Law), AccFM, FDRP Med Arb PC (FDRIO)

Saturday, November 16th, 2019 — (9am - 2pm)

104 Centrepointe Drive, Suite 200
Nepean, Ontario K2G 6B1

$250 + HST
*Payment is due before registration is confirmed.

Registration Process

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