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Kathryn d’Artois LL.B., C.S.(Family Law), AccFM, FDRP (Med Arb PC) FDRIO


Advocating for balanced & peaceful solutions since 1988.

Mediation is an attractive alternative to the court process where more often than not, there is one "winner" and one "loser." Court proceedings are expensive, time consuming and the results are often very unpredictable.

Through the mediation process, people in conflict can resolve disputes themselves with the assistance of someone who is completely neutral. Parties structure their own settlement in a way that allows both of them to achieve what is important to them.

In order to help you better understand how a seemingly unsolvable conflict can be addressed in a timely, non-aggressive, creative and cost effective way. I have set out a description of both the types of issues that may be resolved through mediation as well as how the process works at a practical level.



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Areas of Practice


As a mediator, I am a neutral person. My role is to facilitate your discussions and help you decide how your dispute should be resolved. A mediator has no power or authority to impose a solution.



Mediation-arbitration is a two-part alternate dispute resolution process which allows the parties to appoint one person to play two roles to help them resolve disputes on a final basis: (1) mediator and (2) arbitrator.



An arbitration is a dispute resolution process through which a private arbitrator decides how specific legal disputes will be resolved. The arbitrator may be a lawyer, a mental health professional or someone with other professional qualifications.


Parenting Co-ordination

Parenting co-ordination is appropriate for parents who have experienced significant conflict over a period of at least one or two years and who continue to experience conflict which prevents them from making important and necessary decisions for the benefit of their children.


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